Wad excursions

Southeast of Den Helder there is a beautiful nature reserve, the Balgzand. The Balgzand is the westernmost part of the Wadden Sea world heritage site. The area is not freely accessible, which is why the Waddenvereniging’s Den Helder working group regularly organizes Wad excursions. That way you can get to know this beautiful area.

Huge numbers of birds are found on the Balgzand. Why do the birds come here? They find a bountiful feast awaiting them here. The mudflats are rich in food, including lugworms, sea millipedes and all kinds of shellfish. In the water there are shrimp and juvenile fish.

One of those bird species is the Common Mountain Duck. It likes to eat mud snails, shellfish that are only a few millimetres in size. With the guide you will search for the mud snails and also for the cow of the mudflats, the periwinkle. But other animals and plants will also be encountered.

When you return, the microscopes will be ready to help you take a closer look at all kinds of animals. There are also many kinds of animals in the aquariums and the children can get to know these animals with their hands in the special feeling tank.

In 2020 there are Wad excursions on various dates in the period from April to the end of September.

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