The Wadden Sea is a World Heritage Site and starts at pole 0, in Den Helder!

In 2009 the Wadden Sea was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but why?

This sea is very common for us as coastal residents. We think it’s normal to see the turbulent North Sea overflow into the Wadden Sea, but this nature area is actually very special. So special that the area must be preserved for the future. The area is seen as “irreplaceable and unique to the world”. Around the world there are 1092 places designated as World Heritage Sites. Of these, 209 are natural heritage sites. That the Wadden Sea has also been declared such a place is certainly special! And the fact that the Wadden Sea starts in Den Helder, of course we can certainly be proud of that!

Experience the Wadden and go out on a Wad excursion at the Nature Information Centre ’t Kuitje! The Wad and bird excursions of ’t Kuitje are dependent on the tide. 

Want to know everything about the Wadden Sea? Visit the websites of the Wadden Association, VisitWadden