Wad tasting days

Where do edible plants such as glasswort grow? How do they taste? Are they salty? You can find out during the Wad tasting days. But there is more to do during the Wad tasting days.

In addition to tasting glasswort and sea purslane, children can discover the problems migratory birds encounter during their long journey from Africa, via the Wadden Sea to the breeding grounds in Siberia and Canada. But that's not all: you can also make a Wadden mouse from shells.

The Wad tasting days in 2019 are on 8 July, 10 July, 12 July, 22 July, 24 July, 26 July, 5 August, 7 August, 9 August, 19 August, 21 August, 23 August from 11 am to 4 pm.

Wad tasting program:

  1. Get creative with shells. Making a Wadden mouse, for example. 2. Tasting the difference between sweet and salty (glasswort, sea purslane and regular lettuce). 3. Using a bird silhouette to find a bird in our dioramas and then colouring the bird. 4. Playing the bird-pulling game. 5. Colouring in a picture. Afterwards, the children receive a nice poster to take home.

The costs are:

Wad tasting children: € 2.50 per child.