The Stichting Strandexploitatie Noordkop (SSN) is responsible for a good, clean and above all safe beach on behalf of the municipality of Den Helder and thereby we help to make Den Helder’s beaches more attractive for visitors (the tourists and residents of Den Helder and the surrounding area).

The SSN performs the following tasks:

- We ensure that our visitors can continuously enjoy a clean, safe and attractive beach, including its immediate surroundings such as the beachfronts and in parking areas.

- We focus on the widest possible audience and many target groups, such as tourists from the Netherlands and abroad, the residents of Den Helder and the region, schools, disabled people and health care tourists.

- We ensure the safety of our visitors on the Blue Flag beaches by providing surveillance on the beaches during the high and low season.

- We continuously try to improve the facilities, such as the toilets, showers and disabled facilities, on the beach and in the immediate vicinity thereof.

- We provide information about all matters related to the beach, such as, for example, care for the environment, safety on the beach and nature in the area.

- We take part in conferences, meetings and consultations that are coast-related and aim to make the beach more attractive and/or safer and/or to improve our services.

- We handle the complaints of visitors to Den Helder’s beach.

- When performing our tasks, we want to work as innovatively and sustainably as possible and we always keep an eye on the environment, for example by using electric vehicles, separating collected waste and by putting out beachcombing boxes outside of the beach season.

- We have campaigns every year to promote beach visits or to improve cleanliness and safety on the beach.

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