Port of Den Helder

Het Nieuwe Diep 33-3
1781 AD Den Helder

 Port of Den Helder has developed Den Helder’s harbour into the pit stop port on the North Sea with regard to logistical services, maintenance and supply for offshore activities. In this way Port of Den Helder helps to stimulate the sustainable economic development of the region. Both nationally and internationally, the port supplies around 95% of all platforms in the Dutch part of the North Sea. In addition, the port also serves English platforms from Den Helder.

For more than 40 years, Port of Den Helder has been the operations and maintenance hub par excellence, thanks to its high-quality and above all fast services (fast turnaround, favourable location, shorter sailing time). Its logistics infrastructure (with its own airport and excellent connections with the hinterland) and technical facilities make it a home base for a growing number of offshore-related (water-related) companies. The very favourable geographical location offers unprecedented opportunities. Due to the versatility of civil and maritime companies, the location offers more than just business activity.

Port of Den Helder is also the proud location of the Royal Netherlands Navy and a fish auction. Knowledge institutions, research organizations and education facilities have also found their way to Den Helder, making the coastal town the knowledge and service hub by the sea, in addition to all its other qualities.