The Navy Museum in Den Helder is the place where you can truly experience the navy. Step aboard the museum ships and learn more about the history of the Royal Navy through interactive exhibitions. Did you know that the Navy Museum has won a bronze award for the most fun outing in North Holland?

During the National Museum Week, the Navy Museum will organize various activities based on the theme: 'Play the museum out'. Read below for more information about the program.

Activity 1: Cold Storm

Mid-1980s, Atlantic Ocean. On board the frigate De Ruyter, you defend a convoy on its way to Den Helder when missiles appear on the radar system... Will you keep your head cool? Experience the Cold War at its hottest in the Cold Storm experience. Take over the crew on the bridge of the ship De Ruyter and work together to defend the convoy.

This activity will be offered from Sunday, April 2nd to Thursday, April 6th and will start every hour (between 10:30am and 3:30pm). The location is Brughuis De Ruyter and is free for everyone with a valid admission ticket or museum card.

Activity 2: Anti-Piracy Game

On April 5th, it will be exactly 13 years ago that Dutch Marines freed the merchant ship Taipan from Somali soldiers. The Navy Museum and Marine Museum have developed a board game about anti-piracy missions. Play this game on this historic day!

Put yourself in the role of a fisherman, pirate or the Navy. What choices do you make and what risks are you willing to take? Will you be able to free the crew of the hijacked ship in time?

This activity will start at 1:00pm on April 5th at the Gunpowder Magazine.

Exhibition: Navy Games

During the National Museum Week, visit the new exhibition Navy Games. Step into the world of serious gaming and test your own skills with a sailing simulation, sea battle, and World of Warships.

This exhibition will be open all week from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Gunpowder Magazine.